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S.A.F.E. Programs has two very important questions for you...

Have you ever had a gut feeling or an intuition that something "bad" is about to happen?

If you have, it is not unusual, it's common for people to experience this sensation. If you are like most people, you talk yourself out of the "bad" thoughts because it just doesn't make sense or seem normal. Immediately you are second guessing yourself as to what is really happening. Those reactions put us in a state of denial from potential threats due to lack of not having had a similar experience. It also causes a delay in your reaction time. All of this can happen very quickly, in a matter of seconds, it may take several minutes, or may take much longer-every situation is different.

How should YOU react?

So, you think you know what you would do in case of any emergency. But when the time does come, things start happening so very fast. The S.A.F.E Training Program will teach you how, by learning specific, researched based behaviors that are tied to fear or threat. Behaviors that come from the brain's survival center can give off observable pre-event indicators to fear or threat. By doing this you can increase your awareness exponentially. Once you have observed that behavior, you can disrupt the chain of events that lead to conflict and stop a threat before it begins. By understanding these behaviors, you will be able to establish baselines and pick out abnormalities happening all around you - in real time.

This training will also help you to build a pro-active and situational awareness mindset that assists you in everyday life, whether it's going to the grocery store, a movie theatre, the mall, to church, or just driving down the street, basically anywhere you may go.

The Left Of Bang Mindset

If you look at the Incident timeline below, you will see the "BANG" in the middle. BANG is your bad event. The workplace violence incident, the insider threat damage, liability for not enough training, it could be any number of things. If you look right of BANG, the "ticks" represent all the actions you would take after the incident. The "ticks" LEFT of BANG represent all the pre-event indicators that happen BEFORE an incident takes place.

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What if, instead of just training for what to do AFTER an incident has already taken place, we also train you to spot indicators "Left Of Bang?" All you would have to do is spot one of these indicators "Left Of Bang" and you could stop or minimize an incident. This is the "Left Of Bang" mindset you will walk away with after going through the S.A.F.E Training Program.

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safety training el paso tx